Cloud Finance®

Cloud Finance® management system allows companies to centralize confidential financial, accounting, vendor and payroll data information.  The software is totally customizable and integrates with thousands of financial instituions electronically.


  • Double entry accounting
  • Complete ERP functionality
  • Fully Extensible / Customizable
  • 40+ reports and forms, also build your own
Double Entry Accounting

Accepted around the world as the standard for accounting software. It’s programmed into the core of the application.

Multiple Currencies

Bizuno can handle multiple currencies, storing the exchange rate with the transaction. It can also generate reports in any currency using the current exchange rates.

End-End Integration

The benefits of an all-in-one application is the complete integration with other features. No more importing/exporting or having your critical data scattered about.

Multiple Stores/Branches

Bizuno tracks purchases and sales from all your branches. You can also track your inter-store transfers.



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